ask and answer about hyron

What is the difference between Hyron and other frameworks ?

Short : Simplicity, and always will be

Long : We are working hard to build a more powerful framework. How to save the most effort of programmers in the process of working. We focus on bringing a better solution, with many outstanding points. Here are some of Hyron strengths

  1. Extremely flexible, you can customize, expand hyron by building an addons, or build plugins to handle I/O

  2. High packaging capacity, clear architecture with easy-to-customize and interactive interfaces allow you to use them flexibly for a variety of situations

  3. High plug-in capability, allowing you to combine and manage them flexibly, even automating as drag and drop

  4. Easy to use, even for beginners. The interface of the hyron is designed to be minimal, from the router to the active stream

  5. Centralized package management, enabling you to capture the entire application, especially for medium and large-scale projects

  6. Easy to reuse, allowing you to save maximum effort in the development process, thanks to the encapsulation and accompanying ecosystem

  7. Not only for NodeJS, Hyron can improve and develop independently to bring the highest performance without affecting the source code, can support multiple languages later.

  8. High performance, thanks to meticulous optimization efforts, hyron was able to achieve top #2 performance in frameworks, just behind fastify

Which type of application is Hyron suitable for ?

Hyron is designed to develop applications with medium and large scale, with the ability to develop and expand high, needing flexible development.