Param-parser is a default frontware plugins supported by Hyron. That help pass params from request into handler function that automatically

Why ?

  • Save time by automating

  • Easy to edit

  • Help simplify executer

  • Makes executer reusable


param-parser is a hyron global frontware plugins. You do not need to declare it. Just use it with the features it supports

  1. Auto pass params from request

  2. Pass arg list to this scope

export class api {
static requestConfig(){
return {
uploadFile : {
method : "get",
params: "/:name",
uploadFile(name, $raw){
// POST /api/upload-file/:name
// with raw body type
return fs.writeFile("/upload/"+name, $raw);


1. Auto pass payload data

With param_parser, it will be automatically loaded as executer input

export class api {
static requestConfig(){
return {
demo : {
method : "get",
params : "/:a"
demo(a, b){
// do something useful
return `hello ${a}, i'm ${b}`;

To use param-parser you need to follow the following rules

  • With query type (get, head) : The data needs to be declared on the query part of the request. Example : /search?keyword=audi

  • With body type (post, put, patch) : The data needs to be declared on the body part of the request.

  • With param type : You need to specify the dynamic part of the url to be used as the params section, by declaring the params or path attribute in requestConfig. Example : /search/:name/age/:age

  • Use special variables to pass fields from the request

2. Support special field

In addition to passing data from the query, body, params, you can also pass the commonly used parameters in request as input parameters, such as:






contains information about client requests



contains information about server response



socket to connect between client and server



contains information about client trailers



used to attach events to requests



as object parser from req.headers.cookie



parse query from url into a object



parse body data as url-encoded data type into a object



parse body data as multi-part data type into a object



parse body data as raw data type

To used special variables ( start with '$' character ) mentioned above, you need to include it in main-handler method arguments

demo ($cookie, b) {

3. Dynamic data type

what if you want to use a complex data type like array, or object for some reason like :


The good news is that Hyron supports this 😆

Hyron supports the included parser to analyze a string into javascript native types with high-performance, including: number, string, boolean, array, object

You can find it in : Hyron/lib/objectParser

And in server. That it !

// in server
search(name, filter, sort){
// do something useful

param-parser also supports uploading files by default if content-type = multipart by Busboy engine