Our mission, being programmers in the world, can work less hard, and be more effective

Hyron is still quite new, and needs help from you We are happy if you can contribute and make it stronger, and serve the community better.

You can contribute in one of the ways below

  1. Improve the core of Hyron, with exciting and useful features

  2. Build addons that extend the functionality of the hyron

  3. Build plugins to help handle incoming and outgoing traffic

  4. Build other parts of Hyron ecosystem, some great idea

  5. Donate to support Hyron team for more funding to maintain and develop

For more information about the group's activities, and the members, please join our Trello

You can contact the development team through follow way to get the earliest support

You can edit the source code in the ecosystem section to be able to introduce people to your product. We will soon build a common source repository to make it easier to reuse & search