Hyron is a powerful NodeJS framework used to build backend applications faster and easier


  1. Difficulty in Reusing: the use of high-level source code requires many constraints, and requires a lot of customization, before being able to use

  2. Repeated: do you see that your work is being repeated a lot? from variable declaration, data pass, to the use of middleware


Hyron focus to 2 main values. that's what makes Hyron different

  1. High Reusability : Hyron allows to pack modules easily, allowing you to better reuse, or you can share and use packages from the community.

  2. Easy to Use : briefly, hyron brings simplicity. The leading principle in design and development must ensure that it will be simpler than the existing one. To be easy to use even with new programmers

Hyron is still in the first stage. We hope that we can create products that help programmers work more easily. We need help from you to do that. Checkout how to contribute topic


  • Save time, development costs

  • Easy to scale, maintain, debug

  • Easy and convenient to work


Unity is Strength

Hyron aims to develop an ecosystem, to help developers develop products more efficiently and easily. By maximizing effort, through maximum automation and reuse, improving workflows, leveraging the power of the developer community from around the world.

What if building a big project is as simple as playing a puzzle ?

We are working hard to make Hyron better and better. We hope that we can turn Hyron into a top framework, and not just stop at NodeJS. Hyron will soon evolve to support multilingual and microservice support to develop large and complex projects easier and more efficient.

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